Program Materials

This prestigious Fulbright program funded a group of practicing North Carolina K-12 teachers, Appalachian faculty, and upper-level Education majors to study in Indonesia for four weeks, focusing on history, culture, and the arts, in order to develop content-specific and interdisciplinary curriculum, as well as immersive digital media, to be used both in their schools and distributed online for all educators to access.

This group Fulbright program to Indonesia is unique in that very few U.S. educators have first-hand knowledge of Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous country, the third largest democracy, and one of our most important political and economic partners. Ethnically the country is highly diverse, with hundreds of ethnic groups, languages, and local dialects. Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world, yet maintains a tradition of religious freedom that is upheld in its constitution.

There exists a great need for educators both in the Appalachian region and teachers across this country to access rich and engaging curriculum materials related to Indonesian history, culture, and the arts. However, there are no comprehensive teaching and media collections available. This website is an online repository available to educators to access lesson plans, cross-curricular ideas, digital storytelling, interviews, and immersive media of realia, historic landmarks, performances, ceremonies, and daily life.