Curriculum Materials on Indonesia

This website is an online repository for educators and students to access lesson plans, photos, cross-curricular ideas, digital storytelling, interviews, and immersive media of realia, historic landmarks, performances, ceremonies, and daily life related to Indonesia.

Lesson Plans and Media for You to Use

Photo Gallery

High-resolution photos of Indonesia for you to use in your classroom or for your projects. View images by tag or by participant.

Lesson Plans

Lesson ideas and curriculum materials for your classroom. Review the list of lessons, or the tags in the right panel related to lesson themes.

Digital Culture Kits

Cross-disciplinary media materials related to aspects of Indonesian life, to be used to supplement lessons and other classroom activities.

Virtual Realia of Indonesia

An immersive virtual reality (VR) experience designed to allow users to be more fully engaged in immersive media, such as 360-degree photoscapes and video from various vantage points at world heritage sites in Indonesia, as well as within traditional houses and villages.

Fulbright-Hays Participants

View the list of Fulbright-Hays Participants who took part in this program.

Contact the Appalachian Fulbright-Hays GPA Project Director, Dr. Paul Wallace, via email (

Fulbright-Hays Program to Indonesia

This prestigious U.S. Department of Education Fulbright program funded a group of practicing North Carolina K-12 teachers, Appalachian faculty, and upper-level Education majors to study in Indonesia for four weeks in July 2019, focusing on history, culture, and the arts, in order to develop content-specific and interdisciplinary curriculum, to be used both in their schools and distributed online for all educators to access.

This group Fulbright-Hays program to Indonesia is unique in that very few U.S. educators have first-hand knowledge of Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous country, the third-largest democracy, and one of our most important political and economic partners. Ethnically the country is highly diverse, with hundreds of ethnic groups, languages, and local dialects. Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world, yet maintains a tradition of religious freedom that is upheld in its constitution.