Artisans Across Archipelago

Wayang Kulit Puppetry

These digital culture kit materials were developed by Gordon Hensley. Wayang is the Indonesian word for puppet, and in Indonesia is used to describe theater both with and without puppets but is most often used as shorthand for wayang kulit (Javanese shadow puppet theater). This digital culture kit includes research on Wayang Kulit Puppetry, a template of shadow puppet characters, a collection of images of wayang kulit puppetry of Indonesia, a script of the Ramayana in both Indonesian and English, and a wayang kulit demonstration slideshow.

Artists and Artisans Across the Archipelago

A digital culture kit created by Chris Watson, Vanessa Van Valin, and Tonya Denny. This video provides a variety of images of artists and artisans of Indonesia, including musicians, dancers, puppeteers, mask designers, and batik artists. It includes a soundtrack of traditional gamelan music.

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Market in West Timor

Indonesian Culture Through the Senses

Created by Tonya Denny, Blue Ridge Elementary, Warrensville, NC

This lesson will introduce students to where Indonesia is located on a map, understand culture from their community perspective, and understand that communities from Indonesia have similarities and differences from their own. This lesson activity also includes two puppet scripts with links and instructions for making Wayang Kulit (shadow puppets) and Wayang Golek (rod puppets).

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